The naked and bare truth of beauty

We look out into the world seeking for beauty and meaning and truth, and yet, somehow, in all of our outward quests, we are always led and drawn inward, to ourselves. One way or the other, we reverse direction, and we end up looking deep within our soul, framed by the shape of our physical […]

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A toast to life where there is none

We bravely pursue a celebratory stance, and we forcefully pursue life with life through the symbolic gesture of a hearty toast, despite the fact that we know it to be nothing but an empty cup. We can see that but we try not to look. How often do we fete, or get feted, for things […]

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Constructing a new and exciting visual vocabulary that connects with the viewers in a different plane and at a different level, professional photographer Dominique James presents a series of intriguing fine art photographic images in this website. The non-literal fine art photographic images are personal and private explorations and visual expressions of feelings and thoughts.